First impression of this homestay? It was so colorful. But this "specialty" of this small homestay is not only colorful walls, but also a windswept valley behind the house, suitable for "flying" shots. Please hold his hand, release your soul and take your eyes away, watching the whole view of a fresh and fresh Dalat under rows of brilliant flowers, feeling the cool breeze flowing through your hair ...

Not too noisy, but not too fussy, Da Lat Sunhills brings Bohemian poetry, mixed with a little nostalgic Vintage. The house is located in the center of the city, wearing a cool green jade, mixed with golden wild flowers. The interior of the house is cozy with the main tone of brown and blue. If you are a fan of the odd and cozy vintage shots, this place will be suitable for you and the person to save the pictures together cooking, resting, daily activities.

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