Thứ Ba, 5 tháng 3, 2019

Peace House

Address: Khu Phố 10, Thị Trấn Dương Đông, TP. Phu Quoc, Kien Giang.

Price: Only about 420,000 VND / room for 2 people or 1.7 million VND for renting the whole house (can be 8-10 people) is you have a great space already.

The name says it all, this "peaceful home" is an ideal place for you to relax in a light, no-frills vintage space. You will want to love from marble tiles to cute textured pillows, neatly organized table chairs and wood bookshelves. Every corner is beautiful and cute.

Peace House is homestay so everything is decorated simply, subtly, but not so badly at all. It is the small details that bring a familiar feeling like in your own home, very cozy. In addition, you can comfortably build a kitchen with a fully equipped kitchen in Peace House and a small bonus that you don't have to pay if you want to use your bike. Reading here just wants to invite family, friends and lovers to go.

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