Thứ Ba, 5 tháng 3, 2019

88 Hilltop Hostel & Villa

Address: Tran Hung Dao, Khu Phố 7, Thị Trấn Dương Đông, TP. Phu Quoc, Kien Giang.

Price: Depending on the season, the price changes, in the peak season tourism will cost from 240k - 480k, while other seasons only from 220 - 350k / bed only.

If you intend to find a hostel / homestay in Phu Quoc, please write this place at the top of the list, because you will like to see Phu Quoc "suddenly shrinking" just by 1 view on this lovely hotel. Well, like it, I like it. True to its name, 88 Hilltop is located on top of a high hill, dawn or sunset is beautiful and unpopular.

In addition, you can also experience the feeling of being immersed in the clouds or lying down "relaxed" and drinking tea, reading peacefully, thanks to a unique design with a meshed balcony. The roof of 88 Hilltop also has a lovely café! 88 Hilltop is a dorm-style room, consisting of 3 types of rooms: 10 beds, 8 beds and 4 beds. All are extremely comfortable and clean. Don't think that at the dorm will lose your privacy because every bed is equipped with a curtain.

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