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Ms Tu’s Homestay - A lovely destination for active students

The next address in the homestay list of Binh Thuan is many tourists interested in Ms Tu’s Homestay. This is a destination that helps you maximize your stay expenses during your cruise travel, very familiar to students. Ms. Tu's house is located in the center so it can be said that it is very convenient for you to move to other attractions. If you have never been to Mui Ne before, you should visit Ms Tu's teacher to get the best travel experience. Where to go, what to eat, what to buy, all are meticulously taught by Ms. Tu.

From the entrance, Ms. Tu’s Homestay has been lovingly decorated instead of greetings. Here, Cô Tư’s Homestay also introduces many local attractions. @ Co Tu’s Homestay

The small garden corner is decorated with beautiful small pots to help the house more fresh and cool. @ Co Tu’s Homestay
This homestay is a neat, clean, well-appointed home with all types of single, double and dorm rooms for groups of friends. In particular, the rent is very chestnut and fresh and not expensive at all. You have complete peace of mind to visit Ms Tu any season of the year. Dorm room (bunk bed) 50,000 VND / person. Single room depending on fan or air conditioner costs 100,000 VND or 150,000 VND / day. Sleeping on the terrace has a cool space of 50,000 VND / tent / 2 persons and 75,000 VND / tent / 3 people.

Here, you can ask Ms. Tu to cook family meals with dishes like her mother cooked and even organize delicious fresh seafood BBQ parties. Ms Tu's Homestay will serve you delicious dishes like restaurants such as steamed buns, grilled, grilled mussels, mussels with rice paper, grilled scallops, and apricot salad, snails with garlic and onion, scallops. Grilled yang, steamed clams discharge chilli and countless fresh and aromatic seafood dishes that are soggy. In addition, when hungry hunger, minced pork noodles, fried bread, fresh squid noodles or fried noodles will be ready to serve, hot, delicious, filling every craving.
Lara Homestay - Prepare the sea in every corner

Binh Thuan beach in general and Mui Ne in particular is one of the most beautiful sea paradises in Vietnam and reached many tourist rankings in the world. It can be said that the tourism service here is very developed with restaurants, hotels, high-class resorts, amusement parks and even beautiful homestays for tourists. Those are coastal houses that are designed to be simple, cool, close to nature. It is important that these homestay homestays bring you the feeling of relaxation, tranquility and a cultural space of sea, sea and sea.

If you are looking for a peaceful, poetic seaside countryside, then Lara Homestay is the best. You will be wrapped in natural crust with sunshine to the window, the wind blows gently in the leaves of the garden, the sea scent pervades the room with the scent of fragrant wood. All will make your soul peaceful and strange.

Living in a homely homestay by the natural layout and materials, you are spoiled for watching the dawn, walking to the sea, sleeping peacefully with the wind blowing gently, the afternoon watching the sunset dyed the earth and sky and at night I heard the sound of cicadas on the porch. That's what urban life never gives you.

Lara Homestay has a very romantic and private beach and has a swimming pool for you to change your taste. To bring the most private and peaceful space, Lara Homestay does not accept groups of more than 15 people, giving priority to small groups of under 10 people. There are a variety of rooms available for your needs at an affordable price, including a Binh Thuan beach breakfast.

Lara Homestay brings a feeling of closeness like your home because each room is fully furnished and has a warm, familiar space. @ Lara Homestay

Lara Homestay makes the most of the large door frames to catch natural light and the sea breeze. @ Lara Homestay
Each room of this homestay is decorated in the most natural and liberal way but still ensures full TV, air conditioning, comfortable bed and romantic balcony with wooden tables and chairs. Each room is a different small house, beautiful and gentle without glare.

The lovely room with the sky blue sky frames is also an ideal virtual living corner for those who like the "dust" style a bit. @ Lara Homestay
In particular, Ms. Minh, the owner, a friendly, happy and kind woman will welcome you in Binh Thuan. She will give you a thorough guide to the travel experience here and cook for you the salty sea food.

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Amansara Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia: 1,500 USD / night

With famous ancient temples that have appeared in Hollywood movies, Cambodia is emerging as one of the most attractive destinations in Southeast Asia.

However, when you come here, you will not only be able to visit the beautiful architecture and experience the local culture, but also have the opportunity to experience the truly luxurious hotels.

Amansara Hotel is one of them. Room rates here can be up to 1,500 USD / night.
Six Senses Hideaway Hotel, Ninh Van Bay, Nha Trang, Vietnam: USD 1,490 / night

Ten years ago, Vietnam was not really a popular tourist destination. However, now Vietnam has become one of the top travel destinations in Asia.

Vietnam boasts many beautiful beaches and one of them is Nha Trang beach.

Because it is a famous tourist destination, Nha Trang has quite a number of hotels and resorts. One of the most luxurious hotels here is the Six Senses Hideaway in Ninh Van Bay.

The resort has luxury rooms with prices up to US $ 1490 per night. With many different types of rooms such as villas on water, on rocks, on hills ... fully furnished with private space. These villas are truly a charming retreat where you can relax completely after stressful working days.
Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore: USD 1,320 / night

Singapore not only bears the title of "lion island nation" but it is also a country that converges countless traditional cultures. There are many different ethnic groups residing on this small island nation. This is a powerful country in Southeast Asia with many multinational corporations and companies.

Travel costs to Singapore are not too expensive compared to many other Southeast Asian countries. Singapore is always proud of many luxury 5-star hotels and one of them is Shangri-La hotel.

This hotel is located on Orchard Road, the bustling shopping area of Singapore. The Valley Wing Deluxe Suite room here costs up to USD 1,320 / night. However, this is a worthy price because in Shangri-La you will be able to use all 5-star facilities and be served in the best way.
Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort, Indonesia: USD 701 / night

Everyone would dream of once set foot on the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia.

Because of the sunny weather all year round, the resort is always crowded with tourists. Besides the beautiful beaches, Bali also has waterfalls and temples that attract tourists.

One of the very favorite luxury hotels here is Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali. The rooms with two bedrooms are priced up to 700 USD / night with full amenities such as swimming pool, dining area, spa, golf course.

This is also the resort of the Miss in the Miss World 2013 competition held in Bali, Indonesia.

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Homestay wedding photos "love tank" in Da Lat
When the cold late autumn wind rushed, Da Lat entered the second beautiful season of the year. We do not hesitate to say that happiness is the same with our loved ones wandering with the appointments, the most important moments in life.

If you are still looking for an ideal location to take wedding photos, please take your loved one's hand to Da Lat! Because in addition to the beautiful scenery, the homestay in Dalat is poetic and beautiful view is waiting for you to record the sweet moments of life.

Superior Bungalow Garden

Superior Bungalow Garden has a luxurious and pristine character of European heaven, belonging to the top homestay located in the heart of Dalat city. The apartments with strange roof designs are lined up, running along sunny roads with many native flowers - blooming 4 seasons in a year, creating a vivid picture. If you want your wedding photos to be a little Western-oriented with classic romantic taste, then LPC Hill will be the ideal destination.

Vintage Wooden House 

Le Bleu - in French means blue, and just as the name suggests, a peaceful, mild, green color covers the place. Not really attractive and outstanding at first sight, Le Bleu is loved by its small, delicate details. It was a rough paint on a rustic wooden floor, which was a multicolored lamp that sparkled the whole room, the light of the morning light shining through the colorful window.

Tom's Valley

Extremely spacious studio apartment on the side of the valley, with 2 glass faces overlooking the immense space below, Tom's Valley really brings a great experience. Zooming out of the glass frame is a picture of a beautiful valley fascinated with beautiful red tile houses.

Hien Dalat Homestay

Aiming at the Minimalist style, Hien Dalat Homestay simplifies the line for your apartment, leaving only the most simple, simple and cheap things. A sense of lightness, a strange and pleasant feeling when entering this apartment. I and her escaped the shameful world, to a small corner of our own ...
Address: 111/8 Tran Hung Dao, TP. Phu Quoc, Kien Giang.

Price: 450k / night.

Named the hotel, it really does not look like any hotel, it sounds like "to" a little, but this place is extremely cozy and very suitable for groups of friends and couples who want to find a lovely, pleasant homestay That's it.

The space here is spacious, friendly with nature, but close to the center. So the service is quite attentive, you will be picked up from the airport to the hotel door always, enthusiastic staff, will definitely make you feel right now. In addition, D’hotel also serves an evening buffet with all kinds of delicious dishes, full of stomach, only 300k / person.
Peace House
Address: Khu Phố 10, Thị Trấn Dương Đông, TP. Phu Quoc, Kien Giang.

Price: Only about 420,000 VND / room for 2 people or 1.7 million VND for renting the whole house (can be 8-10 people) is you have a great space already.

The name says it all, this "peaceful home" is an ideal place for you to relax in a light, no-frills vintage space. You will want to love from marble tiles to cute textured pillows, neatly organized table chairs and wood bookshelves. Every corner is beautiful and cute.

Peace House is homestay so everything is decorated simply, subtly, but not so badly at all. It is the small details that bring a familiar feeling like in your own home, very cozy. In addition, you can comfortably build a kitchen with a fully equipped kitchen in Peace House and a small bonus that you don't have to pay if you want to use your bike. Reading here just wants to invite family, friends and lovers to go.

9Station Hostel
Address: 91/3 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc.

Price: The price here is quite good, if not cheaper. Only 110K - 150K / night / person for a 4-8 people room and from 500K - 700K for a private room with a single bed or a double bed

Besides the various types of rooms, from 4-bed room to 10-bed, there is also a room reserved for women. Outdoor swimming pool "luxurious", restaurant area, billiards ... all are extremely light, all the ideal places for people to "live virtual" spoiled for taking beautiful pictures.

Each bed has a bed number and name of the tenant. Under the bed is equipped with personal locker and guests will be issued with private locks, ensuring safety. That's too cool, isn't it?

88 Hilltop Hostel & Villa
Address: Tran Hung Dao, Khu Phố 7, Thị Trấn Dương Đông, TP. Phu Quoc, Kien Giang.

Price: Depending on the season, the price changes, in the peak season tourism will cost from 240k - 480k, while other seasons only from 220 - 350k / bed only.

If you intend to find a hostel / homestay in Phu Quoc, please write this place at the top of the list, because you will like to see Phu Quoc "suddenly shrinking" just by 1 view on this lovely hotel. Well, like it, I like it. True to its name, 88 Hilltop is located on top of a high hill, dawn or sunset is beautiful and unpopular.

In addition, you can also experience the feeling of being immersed in the clouds or lying down "relaxed" and drinking tea, reading peacefully, thanks to a unique design with a meshed balcony. The roof of 88 Hilltop also has a lovely café! 88 Hilltop is a dorm-style room, consisting of 3 types of rooms: 10 beds, 8 beds and 4 beds. All are extremely comfortable and clean. Don't think that at the dorm will lose your privacy because every bed is equipped with a curtain.

Fabulous Apt- 1bedroom in Vinhomes Central Park
Highlights of the accommodation
✔️ Apartment is located on the 40th floor, so the view overlooking the city is very beautiful and airy

✔️ The apartment is fully equipped with first-class facilities for a perfect and comfortable living space

Landmark In Landmark3 complex, there are many facilities to help you have more comfortable resting moments

Introduce accommodation

- Free gym, pool, bbq, tenis, mini golf

- Apartment located in Landmark3 building, 40th floor, area 53m2

- 1 bedroom, 1 toilet

- Living room equipped with smart TV large screen, comfortable comfortable sofa

- Kitchen facilities include: microwave oven, rice cooker, refrigerator, full of cooking tools, ...

- There is a washing area equipped with washing machine and washing machine

- Located in a high-class complex with a 14-hectare park, many famous restaurants, the most commercial center in Vietnam.

- Support staff 24/24.

- Located in a high-class complex with a 14-hectare park, many famous restaurants, the most commercial center in Vietnam.

- From the center of district 1 (2km1)

Room Rates
Cleaning fee 117,810 ₫ per stay
Monday - Thursday 1,060,290 ₫ (May vary according to holidays)
Friday - Sunday 1,178,100 ₫ (May vary according to holidays)
Guest fee increases by VND 117,810 after 2 guests
Monthly price decreased by 12%
Minimum number of nights 1 night
Flexible Cancellation Policy
Free cancellation before cancellation before 5 days of check-in.
No refunds are allowed within 5 days before check-in date.

Utilities around
Sapa Highland Restaurant - Sapa Cuisine
Phuc Hung Yen Cafe
Bun - Quang Nhung Noodle
Circle K Nguyen Huu Canh
Van Thanh Market
CGV Pearl Plaza
Cong Vien Binh An
Ward Medical Station 22 Binh Thanh District
Medical Station Ward 21 Binh Thanh District
Urban area
Vinhomes Central Park
Department agencies
People's Committee of Ward 22
People's Committee of ward 19

Another Details
Check in 2: 0 PM
Check out 11:59 AM
If you have a need for check-in and check-out times different from Luxstay's general regulations,
Please contact 18006586 (free) for the best support
Note about accommodation
- Do not smoke, do not use stimulants in the apartment

- Do not bring pets

- Do not make noise after 10pm affecting other apartments